Thursday, September 10, 2009

If i could write, i'd write a blog.

If i had something interesting to say, i'd say it.
If i had some time to think, maybe i'd even write about it... but that would take away from my time to think.

I'd love to write more, I did not think as many people read this as they do.

A few fun facts:

Rivers is 5 months old.
I'm 14 weeks into school.
I've been with INVESTools Inc. for 2 years.
My car cost me $1200, muting my paddle board out of existence.
My cultural diversity instructor is biased, weird.
I don't remember summer of 2009.
I am under paid.

God save the queen.

I see it, do you?


Abby said...

I read it! And let me tell you, Rivers really is the cutest baby out there.

Naytron said...

Thank you Abby. :)

Melanie said...

5 months!!!