Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Trust,

Hello my strange and unknown friend. I write to you today in need of advice.
Remember years ago, I wrote your friends, one of them being Time. Last i knew, he was your starting point, your structure, the nail to your hammer.

Tell me, what makes your heart beat? What makes you so hard to obtain, yet so easy to lose?
Like a young boys very first puppy, like a revived blood flow of a loved one....

Tell me, what makes you smile? and what makes it so unforgettable?

Tell me, Mr Trust, how sweet was the wine? how sweet was the torn soul?

I lost control.

Am i the only one who let you down?

Tell me, what makes your daisy bloom in the middle of a rain storm? what makes you get up and walk again when you've stubbed your toe?

What makes you nervous? what makes you afraid? what chaps your lips? what inspires you to have a line rehearsed?

When you have time, please let me know... I thought I had you figured out, but now I think you took a different route.

I'm not the only one who let you down....

Until then, Mr. Trust, Until then...

I see it... do you?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A short story of Karma.

So... today i took a little drive to Starbucks to get some caffeine, preferably something cold.
I walked into the store, half full of customers, a few party's having some jolly conversations in the corner of the Midvale Starbucks.

As I look over the menu, the little old lady behind the counter started naming off the drinks she can make with Ice. I finally decided on an iced White Chocolate Mocha, Grande please.
Once the little old lady started to conjure up the drink, she than rang up the price... which i really do not remember now.... but I reached into my pocket for my wallet, or lack there of.
I forgot my wallet at home!!! I ran out to my car holding onto that small chance it was there, of course, it was not! I walked back into the store with my head hung low and full of disappointment; I won't be experiencing that wonderfully cold, refreshing, and delicious taste of coffee and white chocolate filling my mouth with joy and happiness. The zing of caffeine will not be rolling over my tongue, will not be falling down my throat and filling my stomach, and will not stream through my veins of despair anytime soon.

I turned around after delivering her the package of bad news, "Stop" I hear, so I turn back around and she hands me the cup of life, the cup of goodness, the cup of iced white chocolate goodness for free. "I've already made it, so its on the house!" she says.
I thank her a few times and head home with my smile.

I get home, find my wallet and head back to the Midvale Starbucks to pay for my drink.

I walk in the store, to a surprised face behind the counter plastered on the little old coffee lady.

"I came back to pay for my drink, and I need one more for my princess at home"

She basically replied with... "who does that? who comes back to pay for something they were given for free..." ... yes... I do, Nayt does.

She rang up my price, I paid for two drinks.

And she handed me an extra!

I got 3 cups of splendid goodness, Oh my good karma is now keeping me up a little extra tonight!

There you go... a story from My night.


I see it... do you?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

If i could write, i'd write a blog.

If i had something interesting to say, i'd say it.
If i had some time to think, maybe i'd even write about it... but that would take away from my time to think.

I'd love to write more, I did not think as many people read this as they do.

A few fun facts:

Rivers is 5 months old.
I'm 14 weeks into school.
I've been with INVESTools Inc. for 2 years.
My car cost me $1200, muting my paddle board out of existence.
My cultural diversity instructor is biased, weird.
I don't remember summer of 2009.
I am under paid.

God save the queen.

I see it, do you?