Monday, August 24, 2009


Tomorrow is Day 1 of my first 'building a house' experience.
My company is sponsoring a 'Habitat for Humanity' project and I have helped with some of the organization of the event.
The family we are building the house for is a couple with 1 small child, who needs the help.

I am very excited!

I plan on taking many pictures, so i'll post some more tomorrow on how it all went!

On another note, this Friday night and Saturday I volunteered to help teach some paddle boarding at a the Spanish Fork Wind Fest and Green Energy Expo. This will be fun, a luau, kites, sail boats, kayaks and of course paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding has become my new favorite hobbie, i'll post some of those pictures and explain it in another post.

Next Saturday Sept 5th, I'm paddling down the Weber Rivers in a "white water" paddle clinic.
Once again, i will tell more in a future post.

A small update for now, in hopes for more soon.

I see it... do you?

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