Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last night we headed to Ogden for my 10 year reunion.
Dropped off the little man to my sisters, and me and Julie headed to Sonora grill.

It was strange, specially at first. Seeing all these faces I recognize but not always remembering names, and struggling to pull up small talk. But over all it was a great experience, saw a lot of faces that were nice to see and caught up on some lives I never knew about. Ten years passed by so quick, so much has changed, of course everybody moves off in their own paths and often most of us really could care less where the other people are heading or ending up. But It really was nice, at least once in 10 years, to talk to people and see where they are in life.

It reassures me that I love this giant spider web of stories, and its sad so many stories go untold and are forgotten.


-Nathan.. I see it, do you?

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