Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 Months.

Its been 3 months since my little man has bombarded into my life. He came like a bull in the dark, like a freight train with 3 big engines. Then, in his big blue eyes alone, he showed me how easy it is to love.

Happy 3 month birth day little man.

I really cannot believe its been 3 months, the first 3 weeks felt like 3 years. But now 3 months, its gone by so fast. Ten years out of highschool, 2 years at my current job, 3 months with my little man, 5 weeks into school. I often write about time and how he has a clinch on my heart, oh dear time, you sneaky bastard. :)

I miss a lot of you out there and hope you read some of my thoughts. Hope you can feel what i do through some of my words.

I will try my best to post more often, a lot has happened and Mr. Time has let it slip by so fast.

Until next time, hopefully tomorrow.

Ex's and Oh's

-Nathan... I see it, do you?

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