Monday, May 25, 2009

9 months in the making.

Not only did it take 9 months to make a baby (a cute on at that) it also took 9 months to make this...
Julie's transformation, 1 video every sunday as she brewed the ultimate brew inside her belly... and boy did it grow. :)

This is the long version, i think i'll try to cut the time in half with a smaller version...

Hope you enjoy it, i'm proud of it.



Megan and Ben said...

That was beautiful! What an amazing process....and you got the memories on tape!
Congrats! I really need to meet the little guy and his cute mommy!
Good Job Nayt!

Amy said...

I love the video nayt. Julie is so beautiful!!! So is Rivers! Good job brother!

oyme said...

I googled "9 months in the making" (because I was making my own graphic using that title) and I got your blog off of google. That is one of the most adorable pregnancy youtube videos I've ever seen! I love it!