Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm Rivers... i'm 1 hour and a half old here!!!

This is my mom... She Loves me very much even though i like to pee on her when she takes my diapers off! She was very tired here... after 12 hours of being at the hospital with everyone's help, me, my dad, my mom, the doctor and all my family and friends who came to cheer us on... i finally came into this world! My mom was the most brave of all, she lost a lot of blood and almost died, i had to spend the night in the nursery so mom could get new blood all night and morning!! I was very scared for her, but she's all better and strong now! Some stranger gave her blood, thank you stranger!!! and thank you Doctor for keeping my mom safe! Me and my dad are very grateful for you!

Thank you for all my new family and friends who came to see me, i cant wait to show you how cute i'm going to be when i grow up!

You'll see a whole bunch more of me here!

(written by dad!)


Amy said...

we love you Rivers!!!! -love your favorite aunt, uncle, and cousins.

Alyson said...

oh, he already has his daddy's great writing style. :)

can't wait to see more of him!