Thursday, April 2, 2009

To My Little Monster

Little Rivers --

May you have a constant shine in your ever so near path to the future.

Hear you me, it will only be easy if you allow it to be. You are a rib from my side, a road not traveled, a beautiful highway of still water.

Never let go of this all trusting heart i hope I'm about to hand you. You may wake up some mornings with it being bruised from others amusement or swelling from others attention, do not ever let any of this callous the soft and forgiving skin of your heart.
For this my little friend is my definition to you, I, as your dad, have always needed proof, i do not need organization in my daily moral, i do not need an almanac of poorly written translations to stamp a smile on my face. I remain the happiest i have ever been when i realized the true and final meaning of love and religion is forgiveness.

If your life endeavors lead you to hurt and heartache, forget it, forgive, forgive your self, and move on, for then you are always the better.

Do not stop asking questions, do not stop wondering how a ball of dough becomes a loaf of bread, how a mountain side of snow becomes a flourishing green forest, if you have a dream then fall in love with it, grab it, and run with it.

With every little pulse of blood through your golden veins you have access to something most people forget they have, access to something more important than knowledge, something every child rockets him self into space with ... your imagination... equally as important as any theory Einstein presented to the world. Do not lose sight of this, do not let the daily routine of reality and imagination become two different definitions.

and now comes my selfish bit...

A wise person once told me its not easy to make a mark in this infinite world of white whales, but you, my little monster, made a big mark with out yet entering this emotion torn earth air.

You are my Giant and you are my Lion...

Thank you little Rivers, you opened my heart to that quaint spark of incredible, to that Giant leap of a miracle, to that blissful Roar of love.

Your back support for life.


Alyson said...

Is he here!??!?! Do we get to see pictures? That was beautiful Nayt!

Amy said...

That was awesome!!!! You are going to be a great Dad!!

Bryan said...

I missed your birthday again well happy birthday

Lisa said...

You,,,,,touch my heart. You are going to be such a perfect perfect daddy! I'm so proud of you! What a wonderful world you have opened for the three of you. He will be one lucky little boy! Love you favorite brother, lis

Adam and Amy said...

Nate...that is so poignant and defintely a tear-jerker. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight on life. Hope all is well! You will be a top-notch dad!!