Saturday, March 7, 2009

Latest addition

Originally uploaded by Nathan See's It!!
This is the latest addition to my little monster's room. :)

Its nice having Ikea just down the road.

Now all the room really needs is a baby... and he's coming soon.
He's letting mom know he's there more and more every day...

Soon he'll be playing Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee with his old man.


Kelley said...

I sure to love Ikea. Our kids whole room is from there. I can't wait to see your little guy.

Amy said...

Good job brother, your the best builder.

Julie said...

Thank you for building everything !
you are a sweet heart!

Amy said...

who is that hot mountain man washing the windows of that sweet vw bug? he is a hot man!!!

Amy said...

um.... that last comment definitely was not me. .... we need to teach berk more about blogging.
wow you have 5 comments I think thats a record.

Naytron said...

Ya that kind of creeped me out!