Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope all of you had a good Christmas out there. :)

I just wanted to stress how many people / family's need help out there, although Christmas was yesterday, its not too late to still give today...

Me and Julie threw all our old clothes, shirts we haven't touched in a year, shoes we wont wear, and coats we don't need any longer in a duffel bag we dont use and gave them to the road home.

again, even though Christmas was yesterday, families are still in need today and tomorrow.

Take 5 min. to gather items you don't need and another 5 min. to drive and donate them.

Just get off your ass's and do it :)


Amy said...

you are such a good person :)

Kelley said...

DITTO Nayt! I have a huge box of clothes I was gonna take to the DI, now I think I will take them there :) Hope you guys had a great Christmas