Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope all of you had a good Christmas out there. :)

I just wanted to stress how many people / family's need help out there, although Christmas was yesterday, its not too late to still give today...

Me and Julie threw all our old clothes, shirts we haven't touched in a year, shoes we wont wear, and coats we don't need any longer in a duffel bag we dont use and gave them to the road home.

again, even though Christmas was yesterday, families are still in need today and tomorrow.

Take 5 min. to gather items you don't need and another 5 min. to drive and donate them.

Just get off your ass's and do it :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Typically i hold my breath
and i still watch the way you used to be...
the general is drowning me out with static
remember how i forgot to say
the rain clouds are calling me out today

put off every old way, every old face
put off every time yesterday moved too fast
you woke me up to say
sweet was the wine
sweet was the opium feathered sole
sweet was the way you lost control
sweet was the way you left me for my better half

typically i hold my breath
and i still watch the way you used to be...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Times like Those.

I tell my self every night I'll post something new here...
Obviously i know how that's worked out...

Every night i tell my self I'll pull out my guitar when I'm home
and finish and record those 100's of songs I've written in my eloquent head

Every morning before i get to work i tell my self I'll head home tonight
and finish the sketches i have worked out and drawn in the bliss of my occipital lobe

Every afternoon i wish i could log out of my work computer
and work on my script to the cheesy and childish dream of mine...

So many stories to tell, so many feelings to share, so many thoughts i want to make yours.

So many resolutions broken...
A month early, changing all of thee above is one resolution i attend to keep.