Sunday, November 23, 2008


Biopsy came back negative.
and we are having a boy.

will post more later.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A small red X

This post doesnt really inform much, sorry it doesnt straight out tell you how we've been.
Cant really start with a story, or how my last 2 weeks have been, cant really tell you we are doing alright when we are smiling every day. Its my random thoughts, my lack of sleep, my increased stress, which produces these words out of me...I put a small X where i lost my way and here's what my small head came up with tonight...

That is what keeps everything worth it.

Throw away my misery
it never meant that much to me
it never sent me a get well card
when tomorrow gets you
where will yesterday be
I'm tired of being the lonely stag
at the end of the street
in the city i used to live in
it never offered to buy me a drink
when tomorrow gets you
where will yesterday be
i'll put on the cloths
i never meant to fit in
and i'll smile like i mean it...

3 cheers to making history
when tomorrow gets you
where will yesterday be...

Now how can these eyes not make you melt? :)