Thursday, October 2, 2008


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I had to share this video, its quite brilliant. Its one of those
videos i watch and think 'damn, i wish i did that', and i'm not afraid to admit it. I have some videos on my and youtube, which this inspired me to post my videos on my Flickr account, which i will then post here. I will attack that later.

Its the simple things in life that make it worth it, like this video, a dog so enthralled by a small piece of ice, the sounds of him stomping upon the cement floor, the concentration in his eyes when the ice slipped from his mouth and made a run for its life.

and also this ....

The young one may have webbed hands like the father, or 3 thumbs like the mother, but either way.... look, just spend 5 seconds looking, just look how simple, how beautiful it is, and yes... its mine.

I have not spread this word, or news to many, for reasons i'll leave to my self. With recent news or lack of news i have decided to open up with this. Our first doctors appointment was exciting, nerve wrecking like your first haunted house yet full of happiness, i left overwhelmed with joy and a sense of 'right', yet i also left with a ominous mark in the back of my mind. The doctor found some abnormalities within the mom and was holding back her concern for our sake, which i thank her for. A few days after the visit the mom was experiencing more abnormal activities, we rushed in for an emergency visit -- and were revealed to see a strong heart beat sending rhythm of relief to our eyes like a beautiful song.

Come a few weeks later we hear back from the tests and blood work, and to my eyes, maybe i read into this to much, more hidden concern from the doctor.

We were told mom has abnormal cells, we will be going in for more tests hopefully to prove these cells are not cancerous.
I'm leaving this part as vague as i can, i do not wish to dwell on that word i just typed.

So this begins the story of my O-So-Small beautiful beautiful monster and my O-So gorgeous carrier, and me, a want to be coach, sitting on the side lines utterly helpless.

The sky never seemed so grey.

Best to all.

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Craig HOwe said...

Wow nayt the dad. its a pretty huge thing! I pray everything will work out well with mother and baby. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can help with.