Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Time,

Dear Time,

Remember that time i wrote you a rhyme?
I told you a promise i'd never let go...
remember? dear time, it wasn't quit 4 years ago
oh yes, thats right, i told you to forget...
every color i saw thats yet to be seen
every dent i made in your side
and every memory i made you resight
wrapped up in a ball, imagination set to wide
Oh all those nights i spent wild eyed
my gracious time, it was then i told you to forget
but now please forget all the regret
and remember me.....
remember I've untied every rope to my thigh
all the curls I've swept which fell to my side
every tear thats crashed and dried
please remember what I've done to you
every scar that i dug
every kiss and every hug
every bandage i gave to help you
all the time i spent to perfect you
please remember
i forgave every feeling you cracked
every knuckle that did bleed
the white mornings i turned to black
oh my dear time, please remember me
all the lullaby's i had to sing
all the bed time stories i made ring
please remember every night i didn't sleep
every day i made rain
and every broken heart i still cannot explain
oh Time, Oh my dear time....
I told you a promise i'd never let go...
remember? not quit 4 years ago
please remember me, i owe you my life...
this time, i beg you, when you move on
don't leave me behind.


1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh Nayt, That was beautiful. It took me down memory lane as well. Right before I read your blog. Berk was just saying how he would like his friend bryan back. Weird eh? I've said it before and I'm saying it again. YOu are a great writer!!!