Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bloody Sunday.

Originally uploaded by Nathan See's It!!

Originally uploaded by Nathan See's It!!

Today was a stroll out on a very beautiful day.
Rained all the previous day and night.
Was great to be out side, here is 2 Flickr Videos of our stroll out.
Also of course, you can see some still pictures to the right of the page, that will update my 10 most recent photo's taken and uploaded to Flickr.

I never explained the point of a Flickr Video... Flickr hosts photography and recently they've expanded to hosting video, but only video no longer thatn 90 sec.
The reason for this is to keep it short, simple, when a moment needs a few more seconds, more than just 1 single still picture can tell.
So i keep that in mind, when a moment feels more than just a picture, when 5-10 sec. can explain more than a single picture can and more than 5-10 min. ever could.

I pick and choose what pictures i put on my flickr, and now i can pick and choose what short and tender moments to share.

I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.


dani said...

that is one Mantastic beard

Amy said...

Hey brother the beard and beanie make you look like a homeless man. ha ha ha ha ha

Alyson said...

hey Nayt! I found your blog through Amy's, which I found through Dani's. It's good to see you and catch up with your life.

Congrats on fatherhood, best wishes to both of you, especially mom. :)