Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dungeon.

By the time i wake up and zombie my way through the shower, southbound down the freeway, into Beans' and Brew's and haul my 24oz cup of coffee to my desk, its that moment i wake up and realize its the start of my day.

and for the next 8 hours, or 9, or 10, i see this....

Yes, the 3 stain glass windows into the world of Investools.
Sometimes 4, when i must open that lap top on the bottom right of the page.

My sticky notes for my unsticky memories, ink pens for my disappearing ink thoughts, diagrams of the system on the walls to keep up my halls of sanity, soy nuts to quench the monster, Kleenex's which get ignored, and last but not least my keys to escape the dungeon....

to there i'm another zombie, following the yellow brick road .... home.

1 comment:

Amy said...

you are an amazing writer. I'm wondering where you got the writers gene. I've never desired to be a writer yet I've started a blog. Good job Nayt, you must keep blogging.