Monday, September 22, 2008

Mountain of Joy...

and happiness.

Maybe it was the rain this morning, or the notice of very very smooth back tires on my vw beetle, but today has been very mellow and measly.
Digging my way with a dull shovel through a pile of duties and assignments, I dont think i've ever been this excited for a salad... my mountain of joy for my work day, filled with lush greens and rolling hills of peas and croutons.

In the 10-15 min. of my day that included my salad consumption, i felt like a hero, a king, a master of my dungeon. I tell you what, i concurred that mountain with no help, I trekked those gaping slopes of green lettuce slippery with snow filled ranch. Boulders of cheese, corn and peas tumbled down upon me, but don't you worry, I held on tight to the thick and luscious branches of broccoli and made my way to the top....

aw yes, the top, i was that slayer at the end of a mission well done, that lion basking in his rightfully earned sunshine, that king upon his throne of comfort, of joy, of happiness......

Now i should probably finish some work.

Tomorrow or possibly tonight i might write about something interesting for this petty blog of mine.

Best Regards,

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Kelley said...

Are you a Vegetarian??? I don't think I have ever had a salad unless it was a prerequisite to my meal (STEAK) hehe