Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got a face full of ominous weather

I just about started this entry with "its just one of those days....".
First of all, i hate that, i hate saying that, and second, its been one of those repeated consecutive days. o.O

I wish i were a toothbrush, or a solder gun, a random electronic in a random basement of the world.
My strength is not my ability to pin point my emotion to my words, i cant say anyone gets what i mean when the air tastes like flowers and paint, my sinks full of dishes and cutlery, and the car has got a list of complaint.

Its a constant feeling that today doesn't like me.

passing on from that first rant...
I've been asked to Illustrate a children's book, now i dont think i'll post the pictures i finish for it until the book is done, but i will post a drawing i finished last night, its not for the book...

For your enjoyment.
Here is the link to the drawings i have put up...

Take a look.

I will continue to write on the process of the book.
Its gonna make me hundreds and hundreds of pennies!

Best Regards,