Thursday, September 25, 2008

A plea for a cat.

I just really wanted to share this song by one of my favorite writers... Colin Meloy.
Listened to this song today, its strange the way a good writer can write something which every time you listen, you can relate a new part of your life to it...

"here is a road that meets the road
that goes to my house
and how the green grows there
and we've got special boots
to beat the path to my house
and it's careful and it's careful when i'm there

and i say your uncle was a crooked french canadian
and he was gut-shot runnin gin
and how his guts were all suspended in his fingers
and how he held 'em
how he held 'em held, 'em in

and the water rolls down the drain, the water rolls down the drain, oh what a lonely thing! in a lonely drain!

july, july, july! never seemed so strange (x2)

this is the story of the road that goes to my house
and what ghosts there do remain
and all the troughs that run the length and breadth of my house
and the chickens how they rattle chicken chains

and we'll remember this when we are old and ancient
though the specifics might be vague
and i'll say your camisole was sprightly light magenta
when in fact it was a nappy blueish grey

and the water rolls down the drain
the blood rolls down the drain
oh what a lonely thing
in a blood red drain

july, july, july! it never seemed so strange"

Its... pefect. :)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got a face full of ominous weather

I just about started this entry with "its just one of those days....".
First of all, i hate that, i hate saying that, and second, its been one of those repeated consecutive days. o.O

I wish i were a toothbrush, or a solder gun, a random electronic in a random basement of the world.
My strength is not my ability to pin point my emotion to my words, i cant say anyone gets what i mean when the air tastes like flowers and paint, my sinks full of dishes and cutlery, and the car has got a list of complaint.

Its a constant feeling that today doesn't like me.

passing on from that first rant...
I've been asked to Illustrate a children's book, now i dont think i'll post the pictures i finish for it until the book is done, but i will post a drawing i finished last night, its not for the book...

For your enjoyment.
Here is the link to the drawings i have put up...

Take a look.

I will continue to write on the process of the book.
Its gonna make me hundreds and hundreds of pennies!

Best Regards,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mountain of Joy...

and happiness.

Maybe it was the rain this morning, or the notice of very very smooth back tires on my vw beetle, but today has been very mellow and measly.
Digging my way with a dull shovel through a pile of duties and assignments, I dont think i've ever been this excited for a salad... my mountain of joy for my work day, filled with lush greens and rolling hills of peas and croutons.

In the 10-15 min. of my day that included my salad consumption, i felt like a hero, a king, a master of my dungeon. I tell you what, i concurred that mountain with no help, I trekked those gaping slopes of green lettuce slippery with snow filled ranch. Boulders of cheese, corn and peas tumbled down upon me, but don't you worry, I held on tight to the thick and luscious branches of broccoli and made my way to the top....

aw yes, the top, i was that slayer at the end of a mission well done, that lion basking in his rightfully earned sunshine, that king upon his throne of comfort, of joy, of happiness......

Now i should probably finish some work.

Tomorrow or possibly tonight i might write about something interesting for this petty blog of mine.

Best Regards,

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dungeon.

By the time i wake up and zombie my way through the shower, southbound down the freeway, into Beans' and Brew's and haul my 24oz cup of coffee to my desk, its that moment i wake up and realize its the start of my day.

and for the next 8 hours, or 9, or 10, i see this....

Yes, the 3 stain glass windows into the world of Investools.
Sometimes 4, when i must open that lap top on the bottom right of the page.

My sticky notes for my unsticky memories, ink pens for my disappearing ink thoughts, diagrams of the system on the walls to keep up my halls of sanity, soy nuts to quench the monster, Kleenex's which get ignored, and last but not least my keys to escape the dungeon....

to there i'm another zombie, following the yellow brick road .... home.